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Suppression is not just a third world thing. It happens right in plain sight, by a system of indoctrination of babies through main stream media, disguised as entertainment, fairy tales, history and news, into being recruited in to being active participants in conspiracies, in which parents are willing and unwilling participants.
More people are killed in markets in third world states every hour by lynch mobs, but ignored by main stream media (including entertainment distributors) deliberately, but currently being obsessed about by bbc and other European news media. For decades, media have been creating fake narratives, in order to bring about a particular agenda, or validate a narrative.
Until I saw it in Africa during the '90s, I believed the espoused narratives.
As I relayed to a famous leader a few times more than a decade ago a , "when you notice eu media in your state, then your state is being targeted for breach, civil unrest and other matters. They begin with aid workers who seduce and spy out the territory by isolating and compromising the women and children to suit their objectives. I'm terrible at chess, so there's nothing more than experience and example which I draw from.
Certain multimedia entities organize campaigns against leaders and states whose commercial, social and or other policies countermand or conflict with their ambitions, desires or objectives".
Appealing a locked account - @CrazyBengieFB_ Thank you for your reply, to my twitter profile @CrazyBengieFB_ being jammed by your system, thereby denying me, my followers and those I follow opportunity to fairly access my account. I understand that there is currently a campaign by some to diminish the efficacy of communications by social media by main stream organisations, who detest social media entities such as twitter. With all due respect, that's a lie to allege that robots are posting on to this account, or else a fault within your systems programming, which is an easily made error of all computer based systems, therefore making any dependence on such tools, systems and devices unsuitable in general I feel that it would be fair to perhaps furnish me with the specifics which lead you to this fake accusation please. As I have been denied access to all my posts, images and retweets, the only reason I can think of is perhaps that it is the activities of a commercial, malicious or political oppression or coercion against my point of view, including those involved in the annual multi trillion dollar conspiracy of copyright thefts by commercial organisations and gangs. In the event that it is a genuine mistake in your system security, I will be happy to accept your remedy. I have no automation or robotic use on any tweet or website. Thank you for your time and responses.
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